Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

 Our ministry emphasis is three-fold:

Worship - We believe that worshipping together is what God calls Christians to do. (Hebrews 10:25). At our worship services, we believe that God comes to us to give us His grace through Word and Sacrament. It is through the hearing of God's Word and receiving the Lord's Supper that the Holy Spirit strengthens our faith and strengthens our witness for Christ. We believe that the life of a Christian in worship, studying the Word of God, prayer, praise to God are vital for a Christian to grow in faith and in their relationship with Christ.

Community - We believe that God calls Christians to encourage one another in the faith and that the support of brothers and sisters in Christ is very important. We strive to have opportunities throughout our congregation where people of all ages can come to support and encourage one another and be refreshed with the truth that we don't walk this journey alone. Throughout all these groups, we strive to show Christ's love and compassion and seek to build one another up in our faith life.

Mission - Jesus gave a command to go and tell others about Him and His death and resurrection. In a world of brokenness and sin, we believe that Jesus Christ alone can bring healing and forgiveness and salvation. We strive to get this message out here in our community and throughout the world through different events and projects. If you would like to know more about Jesus and His love, please contact Pastor Brian.