C.A.R.E. Warriors – (Compassionate Acts in Response to Jesus’ Enduring Love.) is a social ministry and resource networking opportunity where God’s people connect with one another and share prayer, gifts, resources, support, and most importantly - the Gospel. We work with our spiritual and physical gifts to be the hands and feet of Jesus, right here in Thayer County. Can you spare time and resources to help someone else? Some examples such as: Clean up the yard/paint a porch/drive to medical appointment/help someone with technology/get groceries/run to get parts during harvest/fix a flat tire/take kid to an activity/babysit/organize clutter/be a prayer partner/study the Bible with someone/provide a space for meetings/teach a class/cook a meal/and on-and-on. Please pray that God will reveal 1) how He wants you to serve and 2) people who need our time and talents. The body of believers needs to be alert, seeking, and engaged in ways to spread the Gospel and Christ’s love - more than one hour on Sunday morning. People are thirsty for hope, healing, and Jesus in our own zip codes. 

Contact Shamlynn Francik at 402-710-6635 (text message or call) or at shamlynn.francik@gmail.com or Karen Schardt or Lynn Bohling to get involved. 

To learn more about Pack the Pews (one part of CARE Warriors) at our congregation, please watch the following video